about us

Who are we?

Finding Startups is a virtual network that brings together the emerging market ecosystem to support eco-conscious / impact entrepreneurs and startups.  

We serve as a facilitator creating spaces that give founders back control of their startup profile. 

Every startup has a story.

By creating a support system dedicated to providing connection and resources, we enable startups to share their story, increase their visibility, and grow their business with accurate representation. 

Our Values

We’re ​values-driven​ and ​forward-thinking, supporting entrepreneurs trying to create a better, more ethical future. 

Our platform aims to serve Eco-Impact Driven Entrepreneurs in Emerging Markets.

Our Vision

We aim to support diversity in the Startup world and under-represented ecosystems. 

We look for:

  • startups that are finding opportunities to fill needs and serve their local communities.  
  • socially conscious entrepreneurs that care about sustainability and their environmental impact. This is reflected in their business.    

As we expand, we’ll broaden to include impact investors interested in eco-impact startups.  For now, we bring together key players to help support and serve eco-impact driven entrepreneurs.