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Application Process

The application process is simple. 

Register below to become a country ambassador.

We will review your application and contact you for an introductory call. We review every applicant to make sure you receive an in depth understanding of our company and are able to represent us in your selected country. 

If we feel you are the right fit, we will approve your application and you can start earning money for your referrals!

Our country ambassadors may sometimes be given the chance to attend Startup events in their city / country and earn even more!

If you do not wish to join our Country Ambassador program but still wish to become an affiliate and promote our awesome community, our affiliate program is also for you.

Join us now in Finding Startup worldwide!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does it work?

Easy! Head over to the Affiliate Area, log in to your account, and use your unique affiliate link to find Startups. 

If you do not have an account yet, you can sign up using the affiliate registration form. New affiliate applications require manual approval so please be patient with us until we review your application. 

What if they only sign up for the FREE startup plan?

Hopefully, they will see the benefit of our Scale Up and Rise Up plans, but if they only sign up for the Startup plan through your link, it will still be recorded as your referral. Should they ever upgrade to one of our paid plans, you will still get your 20% affiliate commission.

What is the onboarding process?

Once you’ve applied to become a Finding Startups Ambassador, we will review your application and send you an invitation for an introductory call. 

If we feel you would be a great fit to the Finding Startups Team, we will approve your application and you can start earning some income! 

How & When do I get paid?

You will need a PayPal account and e-mail address.

The affiliate commission is paid out after 30 days. If your referrals renew their yearly plan, your commission for the renewed subscription continues to apply.

What can I see in the affiliate area?

You will find your affiliate link, an overview of your affiliate activity and referrals and total monthly earnings. 

Can Finding Startup Members take part in the affiliate program?

Yes of course! If you have listed your business and already have an account with us, you will be able to log into the affiliate area, refer your friends / colleagues and earn some income from using our Site! What could be better than that?