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Finding Eco-Conscious Entrepreneurs with impact driven solutions

Our Eco-Startups all have sustainable business models.

We’re values-driven and forward-thinking, supporting entrepreneurs trying to create a more sustainable & ethical future. 

Our platform aims to connect an eco-conscious community of entrepreneurs, mentors, consultants and investors. 

Our Slack Community

We are building an Eco-Conscious community of Startups, Mentors & Investors all working towards eco-solutions & impact innovation

Currently this is invite-only but we will be opening it up soon to a wider network.

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Break out of your eco-chamber

Resolve to have difficult conversations in 2021. Get the support, tactics and tools you need to begin talking about topics that need to be discussed. Having difficult conversations will put us one step closer to the future we want. 

Join Sophia February 17th for the 6 week workshop series.