Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a business in your early development stages and need somewhere to get promoted, you are in the right place! You consider your Startup to have a scalable model and are potentially in your first 5 years of starting out.

You must be registered to add a listing. Simply create an account with us, choose from one of our monthly / yearly subscriptions and start promoting your Startup!

Yes sure, simply buy another package and start creating 🙂

We currently only accept payments through a PayPal Standard account. We are looking into additional payment procedures in the near future.

That shouldn’t happen! We suggest you contact PayPal first to check all is in order with your account. Contact us if you think it could be a problem from our side: support@findingstartups.com

There are no setup or cancellation fees. EU based customers are subject to VAT where applicable.

We’d be sad to see you leave 🙁 However, you can cancel your listing at anytime in your account settings. Regretfully, we cannot refund you on your subscription but you will have access to the platform until your current subscription ends.

Our minimum advertising period is one month and you can promote your event for as long as you want prior to the big day! Please e-mail your requests to: hello@findingstartups.com

We are not in a position to offer financial or investment advice. We do hope, however, that this platform will attract investors looking for new Startups and that it will create fruitful connections!

We are so happy that you’d like to refer us! Currently we do not but we will be launching one soon. Watch this space!