Finding Startups at Coworking Spaces

For some of you, your Startup story probably started in your garage, basement or in the coffee shop at the end of the road. These days, however, the rise in popularity of coworking spaces has made way for Startups and early stage entrepreneurs to find the right space to grow their business.

When we refer to coworking spaces, we essentially refer to shared working environments.

Whether you are a freelancer, location independent worker, a small or growing team, co-working spaces seem to be extremely effective with 15,500 coworking spaces globally and around 1.27 million people working in co-working spaces worldwide in 2017. (data:

Coworking spaces bring many advantages:

  • Networking opportunities: Whether you are looking for someone to collaborate with or just meet like-minded entrepreneurs, these spaces connect people, potential clients, mentors, partners or even new recruits. Networking and social events promoting a work-life balance is at the core of this independent lifestyle and encourages people to interact outside of the working environment.
  • Community and think tanks: Many freelancers or solopreneurs can find working at home or on your own quite a lonely experience. Coworking allows for meaningful interactions, mutual support and understanding from people who are in the same boat as you. Working amongst people from different fields can bring on discussions that lead to new innovative ideas. Importantly, the sense of community is strong and people tend to help each other out: positive vibes equal positive outcomes!
  • Structure: for those who are not self-disciplined, having somewhere to go and stay focused can save you time and help keep you motivated when it all just seems too much to take on.
  • Access: Not all but most coworking spaces are accessible 24/7. Choose your own hours!
  • Travel: With the increasing number of coworking spaces worldwide, there is no restriction for workation opportunities! Coliving is a parallel growing trend right now and you could see yourself working out of some truly exotic locations. Your network can only get bigger and what is business travel without pleasure after all!

You will find different kinds of coworking spaces, each with their independent vibe. From the force majeure of WeWork who are growing exponentially year on year, to the smaller hubs in each town and city adopting their own quirky style, they all have the same purpose: to provide a space to connect.

Ultimately, having the right kind of work environment is essential for the growth of your company and the coworking movement is only getting stronger. We believe it is the way of the future and as a Startup, what better place to be!


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