Finding Startups in Cyprus

Cyprus is the 3rd largest and most easterly island in the Mediterranean Sea, with a total area of 9,250km2.

Image Courtesy of: Latchi Watersports

Tourists are spoilt for choice for activities across the island, there is literally something for everyone: diving, kitesurfing, hiking, rock climbing, horse riding, quad bike tours, sailing, the list goes on.

And if you are somewhat less of the adventurous type, visits to the beach, local villages, harbour, archaeological sites, monasteries, wineries, golf, tennis, spa retreats are just some of the options on hand.

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For foodies, well… the plethora of choice is just ridiculous. From the best tavernas providing traditional Cypriot mezes, freshly caught fish, souvlaki, kleftiko to the international selection of restaurants across the island, you can only complain for having too much choice. The island is also providing even more options for the vegans amongst you. Mouth watering yet?

And then you have the people. The Cypriots are proud of their traditions and most months there are festivals or feasts celebrating the various aspects of their way of life. They are a passionate people who welcome you to their country with arms wide open.

It comes of no surprise then that when you speak to the expat community that lives here, many have been here for years! Some came as a planned move, others came on holiday and never left!

Cyprus has become a destination of choice for doing business. It has even started to attract Digital Nomads, location independent entrepreneurs who search for a balanced work-life lifestyle. With an emerging startup ecosystem, geographically situated in the Mediterranean it is the perfect gateway to Europe as well as the Middle East.

Many come to set up their businesses here and the local entrepreneurial ecosystem is starting to flourish. Cyprus launched its’ first Startup visa scheme in February 2017 with the intention to boost the island’s startup ecosystem and provide a significant incentive for non-EU nationals to bring their talent and innovative ideas to the country in order to establish / operate / develop a startup with a high growth potential.

Cyprus is a perfect location for business growth, providing a foothold in the EU, low operational costs and competitive tax rates.

Backed by the EU, it has seen an increase in accelerator and incubator programs. These programs have supported many local entrepreneurs to bring their Startup from idea stage to seed funding.

Cyprus is actively targeting new markets and the government has shown an increasing interest in allocating funds to innovative ideas that can help boost the economy.

So for our Cyprus feature, we are going to shed some light onto the Cyprus Startup Ecosystem in a series of blogs, each introducing contributors to its’ development.

We will bring you co-working spaces, accelerators, events, communities, government funding opportunities, venture capitalists & angel investors but most importantly, we will bring you Startups.

Stay tuned and discover this magical island through innovative eyes!


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