How it works

Setting up your listing

Sometimes uncertainty of what is is required from you can stop you in your tracks, so here is a step by step guide to creating your first listing:

Get Started

Your starting point is the Start Up Now button which can be easily accessed from the navigation menu. This will take you to our Pricing Page so you know what to fully expect before registering an account. 

If you are logged into the platform, we will display the email address you are logged in with so that you are sure you have the correct account and show whether you are logged in or not.

Note: If you see your listing on our platform but you were not the one to add it, you have possibly asked an SEO company to list it for you. Please get in touch with us so we can amend the login details or remove your listing as you prefer. 



You Just Got Started!

You know what to expect now… you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!