Creating your first listing couldn't be easier!

Sometimes uncertainty of what is is required from you, once you create an account, can stop you in your tracks, so here is a step by step guide to creating your first listing:

  1. Sign in / Create a New Account 

2. Choose your Listing Type

Now your account is set up you are ready to select your listing type. You can click the button “Startup Now” or follow this link:

3. Choose a Package

Select the plan you wish to order.

4. Your Listing Details 

Depending on the listing type and package you selected, a form will appear with predefined fields you need to fill in. Not all fields are required but this is your chance to ‘Pimp your listing’ and stand out from the crowd.

Complete the form and click the Preview button at the bottom of the form. Alternatively you can click “Skip Preview and Submit” to go straight to step 6 (Checkout) to confirm your order.

5. Submit Your Listing

Before submitting your listing, you can preview it and make any changes you want by ‘editing your listing’. Once you are happy with it, Click on submit listing to proceed. If you chose to  “Skip Preview and Submit” you will be taken straight to Checkout (step 6).

6. Confirm Your Order

Submitting your listing will take you to checkout to confirm your order. If you have selected the ‘Startup Free’ listing it will only ask you to complete your name and address, no payment details are required. For event listings, we currently only accept Payment through Paypal.

Complete the required fields marked with a star, accept the terms and conditions and click on Start Up Now.

7. Welcome to the community!

Your can view your listing from your account here: and it will be marked as “Pending Approval”. Once we review and approve it, your listing will be live!

Note: Fear Not! You will still be able to edit your listing at any time directly via your Account>My Listings. 

8. Promote Your Listing (optional)

Stand out from the crowd and select our Startup Booster Package to promote your listing and get your marketing game on!

You Just Got Started!

You know what to expect now… you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!