There are a lot of pieces involved in developing a 360° video but at Alpha Pi Productions, our extensive experience has taught us how to create visually stunning and emotive videos, in line with your budget and expectations.

We are the only production house in Cyprus with extensive experience of creating VR experiences for the travel sector.

Our works have received international recognition, including the prestigious “Best VR Travel Experience” and runner up in the “Best Non-Profit VR” in 2018.


What we do:

We decide on the video concept, the look and feel, we write the script, cast any actors, decide on location and set design, and lock down all the other details involved with how the actual video is going to look, sound, and perform.


We’re rolling! Now that we have the road map developed in the pre-production stage, it’s time to put it all together in front of the cameras. This is where our crew do what they do best – creating an immersive 360° experience.


We start by stitching the footage into a 360° sphere, then we proceed with shaping your story, color-correction, recording any voice overs, cleaning up the audio, adding music, creating graphics, and in general, making sure your video looks exactly like we planned in pre-production.


Once we have the first cut of the video, you will get to review it and provide your feedback.


With the final cut complete and your approval signed-off, we render and deliver a 4K or 6K output of your video.


We can help you promote the video across our partners and social media channels.


We believe that a great team can make great things happen. Our team consists of experienced and talented people in the industry to make your vision come to life.  We have a strong network across the VR, travel and technology sector that we can leverage at any time to push the envelope on your project.





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