CHISELL is an action-oriented beauty brand for men, which also is one of the fastest-growing startups in the Baltics. CHISELL is a pioneer of the jawline industry, with more than 11000 customers during the first year of operation in more than 100 countries, which contributed to a quarter-million revenue. The product is highly popular in the US, and EU, especially, Germany and the UK. We just started introducing our product to the Asian market as well.

The main purpose of CHISELL is to break the widely held belief that facial attractiveness is determined purely by genetics. CHISELL strives to empower people
to transform with a product that is efficient and comfortable. Our aim is to make
chiseled jawlines accessible to everyone who desires it.

CHISELL is an essential tool for a man who takes care of his looks and yearns to

Surgery is expensive and it tampers with the natural harmony of the face. CHISELL gives people a chance to be the master of their faces and with time and patience customize their faces in a natural way.

Consistent practice with CHISELL develops your jaw (masseter) muscles, which are
responsible for chewing. Bigger masseters make the jaw wider and thus more
masculine. CHISELL also makes your jawline become sharper and more defined,
which makes you more attractive. A sharper and wider jaw will cast a more
pronounced shadow on your neck which makes your jawline appear more chiseled.

We strive to change the status quo and make jaw training and face development as
common of a routine as doing biceps curls or squats. It should be common
knowledge that natural face transformation is possible and it doesn’t require
anything other than a bit of patience and conscious effort. We exist to support and
guide the people who want to make their faces look more attractive.

We are also engaging the mewing community to promote correct tongue posture
and breathing habits. This collaborative effort helps deliver the message that one
should use the mouth for breathing as often as he uses nose for eating!
Furthermore, we are actively working to get recognition from the scientific
community. That is why we engage with experts from relevant fields like dentists,
orthodontists, and various fitness professionals in our projects.

One of our core competencies is that we stay ahead of the curve. We continuously
keep improving our product, knowledge base, and the way we communicate to
people. We do not shy away from admitting our mistakes and continuously
improving. That is why we have set transparency and honesty as our core values.
We are leading the jawline industry forward as one of the early pioneers, so that
anyone who desires, can have their dream appearance. The world needs to know
that a face is not determined by DNA, but it is DIY!



Rīga, Латвия


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