Since 2015, Fireside has been whisking some of the brightest minds in the world to a place where you can connect to the earth while shooting for the stars: Camp Walden Canada.


Fireside is an annual invite-only off the grid and all-inclusive retreat for the world's most inspiring innovators, investors, and influencers. It takes place annually at a summer camp in the middle of nowhere between Toronto and Ottawa on a beautiful 750+ acre green-space on a pristine private lake.


We host speaker sessions around campfires while roasting marshmallows and discussing ideas that change the world. It’s a transformational experience for all attendees. The entire camp is open to attendees to experience the great outdoors as well - waterskiing, canoe/kayak/sailing, ropes courses and all kinds of land/court sports.


Our focus is person-to-person relationships. As such, unlike most tech conferences, we turn off our digital devices for the weekend so our delegates can “disconnect to connect.”


Fireside fosters learning, engagement and inclusivity through a mix of structured sessions and unforgettable social interactions. Workshops and keynotes take place around campfires, in the woods and by the lake. Informal gatherings have the intimacy, authenticity and spark that is only possible when exceptional people get together in nature.


Fireside 2020 takes place from September 10-13, 2020.

4 Days Lakeside
Sessions take place all over our 750 acre lakeside private property.

3 Nights Fireside
Real conversations by the glow of a campfire. Our skies are some of the darkest in North America.

0 Bars Reception
We may not have cell coverage but trust us, you'll find a better way to connect. *

* Yes, we have phone/internet for emergencies


From millionaires and dropouts to mayors and musicians, Firesiders run the gamut. Our alumni are entrepreneurs, investors, influencers, professionals, students and everything in between.


Who are we looking for? People who give everything they have to make the weekend unforgettable and life-altering for us all. Our participants are willing to learn, teach and (ad)venture outside their comfort zone.


The real beauty of conversation by the fireside is the discovery of oneself through contact with other people.


There is no “typical” Firesider.
If you think this is the place for you, we welcome your application.



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