Goetica is instant flight search for pet owners and animal lovers. We find the best flights for you and your furry friend, at the latest prices. We then invest most of our profits into projects which benefit animals around the world.

So even if you fly without a pet, you’ll still be helping.

With Goetica you’ll get the same great prices on flights, with added good animal karma. is a new instant travel search engine which helps stray animals and endangered wildlife by donating the majority of its profits after running costs to animal welfare charities around the world. These include smaller local organisations focused on sterilising and aiding stray dogs and cats, and large internationally recognised organisations such as World Wildlife Fund and International Animal Rescue which work to protect endangered wildlife.


We’re proud to have chosen to make goetica a Community Interest Company (CIC). A CIC is defined as a social enterprise and a movement of companies that are legally bound to give away most of their profits to the cause(s) they have identified, regulated by the government.


We wholeheartedly believe in this transparent model for the future. Our mission is to do something that we are passionate about and share the profits with society at large.


  • 65% of our profit must be donated to animal charities
  • We can never be sold for profit
  • Our finances are made public
  • Our assets are locked

We are looking to connect with
  • Investors

We are currently in:
  • Seed Stage