The space

Hügge ( hygge ) is a Danish word that embrace the feeling of belonging and being at ease - and that is exactly what our coworking space is about.


At  Hügge you'll find an open space office and a rooftop lounge with sea view. Our community is very casual and welcoming with options to suit most digital folks. You decide whether you want to just work or join the running club, the yoga class, get a beer on the roof or any of our other options.


We have seen many coworking spaces around the world. And we always end up loving our stay the most in small open space coworking spots. This is where you actually get to know people and take some unique experiences with you when you leave. So naturally we built Hügge Space in that spirit.


While you need a cool place to work you also need a nice spot to unwind once in a while. That's what the rooftop lounge is for... enjoy the sea view while reading a book or hangin' with friends - and of course there is WiFi up there as well so feel free to not unwind and work too.



12-14 Gladstonos, Paphos, 8010


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