Languages through Music provides a creative and innovative language learning service.By learning through songs in each lesson you'll increase your vocabulary, perfect your pronunciation and discover the culture and melody of your target language. Learn with experienced and creative teachers from all over the world. Generally, students opt for 10 or 20 lesson packages-- private lessons over the phone supported by booklets of lyrics, Spotify playlists and more. If you are in London you can also go for private lessons in persons, or intensive group sessions as well. In 2018 we will be launching online video courses too. Interested in studying or working with Languages through Music? Get in touch!

Why learn a language? & why through music? 

It's fun!
You learn not just language but about history, culture, different artists & styles
It's a zero-stress way to improve pronunciation & fluency
It's accessible! A lot of languages don't have a ton of apps, textbooks, websites for learners... but everyone has MUSIC!
It's quick-- on average students take away 50 new words/phrases per 45 minute session
Music taps into our memory like nothing else!
Music often uses a lot of repetition, like a chorus coming back
Music often uses THE most popular words, phrases, sayings...
Learning another language gives you confidence
Learning another languages can give you insight into your own language
You can make more friends!
You open yourself up to richer travel experiences
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