60% of each product we apply to our skin, travels through our bloodstream, causing great damage to our internal organs, leading to hormonal unbalances and diseases.

We offer a range of ethical luxury, organic nanocosmedics fuelled by ancient Ayurveda science and nanotech, prebiotics, stem cells, and powered by cutting-edge emerging technologies, with sustainability at the forefront.

For affluent, western male & female 30+, disappointed by chemical and invasive approaches of global cosmetics firms, who care about sustainability, transparency, efficacy, and intrigued by Ayurveda science and new technologies, in order to restore health & beauty from the inside-out, while preserving and restoring our natural resources.

Unlike Chantcaille, we refuse to use plastics in our packaging, and our formulations are 100% clean, including our proprietor trade secret natural preservative.

Our unique ground-breaking combination of secret ancient Ayurveda recipes, nanotech, prebiotics and stem cells, helps to heal and prevent diseases, and ensures maximum efficacy.

We are the first company in the industry,  that will boldly display carbon units on labels.

Our impact is both environmental and social, through regenerative organic herbal farming with indigenous tribal communities, and women empowerment from top to bottom.

We recently embarked on new members in our strong and diverse international team from Tokyo, London, and India, on end-to-end solutions for sustainable packaging and carbon impact visibility, for total transparency.

We aim carbon neutral if not positive.


Agonda Beach Rd, Agonda, Goa 403702, India


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