Dreaming of learning a new language?

For years, language learning “experts” have put eager students through outdated, ineffective methods, treating language as a subject to study, not a tool to use. Those methods lead to failure, ruining people’s dreams of learning a new language. Worse of all, they give up believing it’s their fault.

Our mission is to breathe life into those dreams again.

OptiLingo empowers language-learners to reach fluency by showing them that they were never the problem, their methods were.


  • By avoiding the dull, boring “teaching methods” that focus mostly on grammar, memorization, and drilling.
  • Prioritizing useful phrases and high-frequency words presented in a low-stress environment with a built-in spaced repetition review system.
  • Teaching short, interchangeable phrases that are easy to remember and cover 1,000 of the most common words, roughly 80% of any spoken language.

OptiLingo makes your dream of learning a new language finally come true.


  • 100 quick and easy language lessons
  • 1500 of the most useful everyday phrases
  • Over 1,100 helpful, high-frequency phrases
  • 20 languages to choose from!
  • Over 30 hours of audio (a full YEAR of college-level study!)
  • Built-in reviews (No more boring memorization)
  • Mobile-friendly user experience
  • Stress-free, hands-free learning
  • Auto-sync progress across all devices

Chicago, IL, USA