Reflect Festival is a technology festival that combines transfer of knowledge of the latest technologies including AI, VR/AR, blockchain and others with an unforgettable experience in Limassol, Cyprus. It provides the in-depth insights on latest technologies and brings experts within given fields that will encourage productive networking and will assist business professionals and technology enthusiasts to stay up- to-date, start planning and think ahead on how they can implement the new insights in their career and business. Our ambition to annually organize Reflect Festival aligns with our long term vision to make Cyprus a technology destination for the whole world and blend regional talent with capital and experiences of both local and international companies and investors.


Furthermore we truly believe that technology has a power to connect people no matter the race, culture or political preferences and so we are excited to being able to take advantage of proximity of Middle Eastern countries and attract people no matter where they come from.



Reflect Festival is the largest future casting festival between Southern Europe and the Middle East. For the second time, we´re going to bring trendsetters, decision-makers, pioneers and challengers of our time to come and challenge the status quo of our current age and present possibilities the future will bring in the fields of AI, health & wellbeing, philosophy / mindset, cities, travel️, art & design, money and impact.


In May 2020, over 1000 attendees - entrepreneurs, managers, innovators, students, future enthusiasts will meet in Limassol, Cyprus together with 60 speakers from over 30 countries to get inspired and think beyond today.

Reflect will take place at Carob Mill, located in the heart of Limassol, next to the Limassol medieval castle. The area is surrounded by restaurants, bars and cafes and is next to the Limassol marina and the lively old port square.


Build your network

1000+ attendees - CEOs, entrepreneurs, managers, professionals, future enthusiasts, students - you can connect with them in a friendly environment.


Get Inspired

55 great speakers from 30+ countries - innovators challenging the status quo will tell you how the future will look like because they are creating it today.


Experience the Future

10+ unique experiences from the future - try on the newest technologies.


Be part of the festival where the history of the future is being shared!


Find out more information about tickets and speakers on www.reflectfest.com. The list of speakers will continue to grow and new key people will be added soon.




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€ 230-450