Reprtoir started as a side project of Rendez-Vous Digital, a production, publishing, licensing and rights administration company managing dozens of catalogs containing hundreds of thousands of sound recordings and musical works. Since 2009, we have released more than 35,000 digital albums worldwide and paid almost 2.2 billion streams of revenue to our rights holders through our own proprietary online software.

In recent years, we have regularly tested out other software solutions tailored to the music industry. As tech-enthusiasts, we were always very curious and excited to try them out, but most of the time, the results were underwhelming as these softwares had incorrect and limited visions of the industry’s needs. Most are very basic in their functionalities and yet so complex to use, horribly designed, usually slow and, ultimately, simply frustrating and counterproductive.

Trial after trial, we were surprised to acknowledge that no software publisher had created a tool similar to the one we have been using for years in our business. We came to the conclusion that no existing solution meets the real needs of production and music publishing professionals.

This is why we decided to put our combined experience of the music and software industry at the disposal of music production and publishing professionals by releasing a dedicated software suite that covers all their needs in a simple and powerful user interface.

We think there needs to be a better way to work for record labels and music publishers, an easier way to do things, a more efficient way to be productive while remaining within everyone’s financial reach. This is how we came to create Reprtoir.


37 Rue d'Antibes, 06400 Cannes, France