Shepper offers on-demand inspections on assets for businesses all over the world using a wide network of trusted local people fondly known as our “Shepherds”.


In less than a minute book on-demand visual checks of the things that are most important to you for when you can't be there yourself. We check on your prized possessions when you are too far away.


Shepper can provide bespoke inspection and information capture solutions to fulfill the specific needs of your business. Businesses use Shepper to check up on the security and condition of assets, as well as providing third-party verification, specific data collection, and liaison with their customers. Our world-class tech platform allows us to easily and cost effectively complete jobs anywhere across the world.


We work closely with our customers to create tailored data collection or light activity solutions, we match these jobs with our wide international network of trusted local people that use our app to conduct the check, and we return the results back instantly via our portal once they have been quality approved.


Shepper. We’ll take care of it.


London, UK