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Mauritius is a tiny African island nation in the Indian Ocean, essentially located at the maritime crossroads of Africa and Asia. You may not be aware that this lovely tropical island mainly associated with its pristine beaches and honeymoons is also home to a healthy emerging startup ecosystem. The nation now has a vibrant and welcoming community of freelancers and entrepreneurs to enjoy its stunning nature and modern infrastructure. (source:


Compass Venture Capital

Compass is a venture capital fund that invest in start-ups and small and medium enterprises with scalable business models and strong growth potential. They work with companies based in Mauritius, Reunion Island, Kenya and South Africa. Compass is wholly owned by and benefits from support from the ENL Group, one of Mauritius’ largest business conglomerates. Alongside the Turbine, our sister organisation and the region’s leading incubator and start-up accelerator, Compass is working to create a vibrant, sustainable start-up ecosystem in Mauritius and the Indian Ocean region.

SME Equity Fund

The SME Equity Fund Ltd (“SEF” or “the Fund”) is a Closed-End Fund (Single Fund) under the Collective Investment Scheme, licenced by the Financial Services Commission. Its objective is to provide equity, quasi-equity financing to local companies.

The Board of Directors comprises of members appointed by the Government of Mauritius and members appointed by the Mauritius Bankers’ Association.

The Bee Equity Partners

Accelerators / Incubators

Mauritius Startup Incubator

Mauritius Startup Incubator has a mission to accompany startups who want to be developed and guide them to success. 

You will be supported on an end-to-end basis to launch, develop and establish your business. Office spaces, personnel mobilisation and full support, communication, outsourcing and strategic consulting ! Mauritius is ” the place to be ” to implement a project whose market shares may be Africa , Asia and Europe

La Plage Factory

La Plage Factory, an African Tech Incubator, incubates ambitious and innovative startup teams willing to make a positive impact. They are the perfect address for tech businesses targeting Africa and Europe from Mauritius. Located in the very heart of the old Port-Louis, our coworking space is spread over two beautifully preserved colonial houses connected by a large cobblestone courtyard.


Turbine is passionate about building an enduring start-up community in the Indian Ocean and about supporting incredible entrepreneurs as they set out to conquer the world.

Turbine is led by a Committee drawn from the ENL Group’s senior management and heavyweight independent directors. Their people skills, experience and expertise help our portfolio companies go from strength to strength.

Angel Investors

Angel Investors of Mauritius

Angel Investors of Mauritius (AIM) is a membership based Not for Profit organisation of high net worth private investors, committed to investing in high-growth Start Ups and newly incorporated companies in Mauritius and the Indian Ocean Region.

The purpose of AIM is to help promote early stage equity investment and to provide entrepreneurs and investors an effective, centralized forum to collaborate and support businesses in need of investments.


ALU Education

ALU aims to develop 3 million ethical and entrepreneurial leaders for Africa and the world by 2035. It uses a personalized, student-driven, project-based, and mission-oriented approach to create agile, lifelong learners who can adapt to a changing world.

ALU’s first site was inaugurated in September 2015 in Mauritius. Its second campus was inaugurated in September 2017 in Kigali Heights, Rwanda.

Support Units

French Tech Maurice

The French Tech Maurice consists of innovative economic members who have an economic link with France. It is made up of Startup founders, investors, employees and other stakeholders.

French Tech Maurice Facebook Page

Mauritius Fintech

Because of the very nature of Financial Technology, it can be challenging to get past the red tape after investing the time to innovate, particularly if it involves disrupting historically traditional industries. Enter…Mauritius Fintech

MAFH is an ecosystem where entrepreneurs, SMEs, tech business, corporate entities, FSPs and investors can come together and create profitable FinTech solutions for the African market.

South African Chamber of Commerce in Mauritius

The South African Chamber of Commerce in Mauritius provides a platform for the advancement of commercial relations between Mauritius and South Africa, one of the Island’s most significant trading partners. Since its inception in 2013, the Chamber has grown to more than 140 corporate and 62 individual members, both in Mauritius and South Africa, representing a variety of industry sectors including Financial Management Services, Banking, Travel, Retail, Property and Professional Services. The Chamber is a registered non-profit Association (#13259) in Mauritius, and is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors from a variety of backgrounds.

Mauritius Research and Innovation Council

The Mauritius Research and Innovation Council is a corporate body set up on the 1st of September 2019 through the proclamation of the Mauritius Research and Innovation Council Act 2019. The Council acts as the apex body which advises the Government on matters concerning applied research, innovation and research and development issues.

Facebook Communities

Digital Marketing Mauritius

Digital Marketing Mauritius

‘Every now and then, communities are formed to set a momentum and make things better. We are this community for digital marketing in Mauritius. We want to make things better.’

Inbound Mauritius

Inbound Mauritius

‘Inbound Mauritius stands as a landmark in the local digital marketing landscape thanks to its 3 main drivers which are to Help, Educate and Grow businesses and individuals.
Encouraging individuals willing to join the digital industry and influence decision makers.’

Co-working Spaces

The Hive

With 4 separate locations across the Mauritius, each with their own number of private offices and coworking spaces, The Hive  is more than a workplace! 

With emphasis on community, they bring meaningful opportunities through networking and ideation events which will bring together like-minded professionals, entrepreneurs, managers or startuppers.


Located in the very heart of the old Port-Louis, Co, with 300 square meters of space, rent private offices (ranging from 2 to 6 positions) and single desks in an open space under simple month-to-month contracts.

The offices design and decoration is a blend of colonial past and modern style. Offering all the functionality you need to take your business to the next level: Fully equipped conference rooms, chill-out outdoors lunch / meeting tables, fully functional “grandma’s” kitchen and bike-sharing facilities.

Events / Competitions

African Fintech Festival

The Africa Fintech Festival is a concept created by the Africa Fintech Network, first launched in Nigeria in 2018 to address the future of fintech in the African context. The 2019 edition was held in Uganda to discuss the role of fintechs in Africa’s digital economy.

We are proud to announce that Mauritius has been chosen to host the Africa Fintech Festival in 2020!

Maurice Webcup

The WebCup is an annual web development competition, between the Union of the Comoros, Madagascar, Mauritius, Rodrigues, Mayotte, Reunion and The Seychelles. They compete simultaneously with the same subject to select the team that will represent them at the end of the year in the international final.

TOTAL- Challenge Startupper

Challenge Startupper


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Nicolas Goldstein

Nicolas Goldstein is web entrepreneur, co-founder of, director of StartupGrind Mauritius and Administrator of La FrenchTech Mauritius. Very active in the Tech Industry in the Indian Ocean and in Africa.

Information for this page was supported by Nicolas, Thank You!

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