Finding Startups Services

We want to provide you, the Startup, as much value as possible and have therefore partnered with services needed to start, grow and manage your business. Most of our partners have dedicated services for Startups and provide useful resources that may otherwise be unattainable. Others are freelancers or consultants that can help support your business.

Our matchmaking service is only available to our Rise Up members, however, should you wish to use our database of services, please get in touch and we will quote you an additional sign-up fee to your current plan.

Legal Consultants

Contracts, trademarks, intellectual property, confidentiality agreements etc.… all the paperwork you just don’t want to think about but have to. We have you the right lawyer at affordable Startup rates for you!

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Accounting Services

Starting up your business can be tough, accountants are our superheroes! From incorporation to tax advice & planning, managing your books to audit and assurance, our accountants are here to save your day.

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Website Developers

A good website is worth every penny. It is the first impression on a first date, so spend where it matters. If the words joomla, wordpress, full stack developer, UX designer mean nothing to you, fear not, we’ve got your back!

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E-Commerce & Digital Marketing

Finding the best strategies to develop your SEO, inbound marketing, social media campaigns – our in-house E-Commerce guru can literally take your business and put it on the map! And no, not just google maps…

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Graphic Designers

Let us take care of everything visual including designs for logos, business cards, posters, illustrations, web, email, video, motion graphics, packaging, invitations, presentations, and much more so you can relax and build your empire.

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Public Relations

Finding a place to start with your communications strategy, knowing how to present your company to the public and portray the image you want starts with a PR consultant. We make you look good!

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Business Consultants

Whether you are at the beginning of your journey or well on your way to unicorn status, it never hurts to have objective perspective, advice and guidance towards the next stage of your business.

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Virtual Assistants

Where would Batman be without Robin? Finding your right hand person(s) is essential to your success. Start outsourcing time consuming work and start focusing on growing your business.

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