Staying Agile in the Startup World

Ideas are great, execution is everything.

Is your Startup executing the ‘Agile’ way? A streamlined workflow process allowing for consistent execution, by a number of different teams, ensures productivity and efficiency levels are at their highest.

Startups are starting to change the way they think. Technology is constantly changing, the market demand is unpredictable and new solutions to problems arise on a daily basis. To remain competitive as a Startup your structure and operations need to remain fluid. Being able to speedily adjust your positioning according to the market is to your advantage.

However, framing systematic processes within your Startup sets a structure that allows any of your team members to make fast decisions that delivers solutions and respond to changes with agility.

The agile process focuses a lot on maximising customer value and early delivery, where satisfying the needs of the customer in a competitive industry is your primary objective. Work in short iterations, sometimes called ‘sprints’, deliver more often and build the product with the customer.

Result: frequent planning, fewer meetings and progress flow.

The Agile process is considered to be one of the most popular frameworks for many organizations around the world and it is coming to Cyprus!

To find out more, join us at the upcoming Startups and Agile Innovation mini conference on January the 31st in Limassol Cyprus, organised by DisruptCyprus and the Cyprus University of Technology.

‘Trust the process’…